Robert Nadal

"I would recommend Team Avenue to any serious baseball player who wants to further their career to the collegiate level and or beyond.  Thomari Story-Harden and his staff are willing to help and provide baseball players with the necessary instruments to further their game, the mental approach to the game and when you are not actually in the “game" and teach how the recruiting process REALLY works.  Besides the baseball side of things, Team Avenue is very SERIOUS but yet FUN at the same time.  

I had a tremendous experience with my teammates and the way we approached the game.  After the tournament that I attended was over he sat down with me and was HONEST about how I stood as a baseball player for my age with my level of play and gave me feedback that had a huge impact on my baseball progress.  

To this day I still am in contact with my teammates/FRIENDS that I made throughout my experience.  Many of my Team Avenue teammates were extremely good competitors like no other teammates I have had before.  Team Avenue is built from kids all around the country whether it is New York, Texas, California or Florida.  

Thomari Story-Harden and Team Avenue care about helping kids further their baseball career and their life outside of baseball.  "

-Robert Nadel

Edwin Jackson-Chicago Cubs-2014

Team Avenue helps students athletes get to the next level, the road to success comes through Team Avenue Baseball."

-Edwin Jackson
Starting Pitcher Chicago Cubs

Ray King (9yrs. MLB)-2014

Team Avenue is a great organization which helps promote student athletes get to the next level.

Team Avenue Baseball organizes elite tournaments to showcase baseball players skills to be seen my college coaches and pro scouts I've been with Team Avenue Baseball for three tournaments  and endorse the program.